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Data exploration of COVID-19 in China

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Statistics by April 8th 2020

Confirmed Cases Nationwide


A true confirmed case of new coronary pneumonia corresponds to each dust. From January 26 to April 8 in Wuhan, a total of 8,3332cases were diagnosed.

Click the brief specific date to view the cumulative number of diagnoses on that day.

Statistics by April 8th 2020

Patients Seeking Help on Weibo


The number of Weibo the word appears until 8 April


As of April 8, 2020, a total of 510 valid requests for social help were posted on Weibo from confirmed patients. Click on the window can view details of each text. In the second level of this part, the colors of the window lights map the emotional tendency of the text content, with warm colors representing positive, cool colors representing negative, and white being neutral. By clicking on the keyword search on the left, the window of information containing its keyword will be lit up.

Statistics by April 8th 2020

Accumulated Martyrs Nationwide


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This part of the data is based on the information compiled by Jeonjin Taoist Liang Xingyang and his disciples about the protest martyrs, which totals 528 nationwide as of May 27, 2020.

Raindrops are ordered according to the time of martyrdom, with color corresponding to gender, length corresponding to age, and ripples corresponding to province.

Hover the mouse to view the details of the martyr, and hover the ripples to see the status of martyrdom in that province.

Statistics by April 8th 2020

Cured Cases Nationwide